Biggest Challenges to Enterprise IoT Implementation

After the endless cycle of hype and hyperbole, it seems the majority of business executives are still excited about the potential of the Internet of Things (IOT). In fact, a recent survey of 200 IT and business leaders released in January 2016 established that 22% of surveyed organizations have realized significant benefits from their IOT initiative. In addition, a full 55% expect a high level of initiative IOT impact during the next 5 years. In contrast, only 2% are expected no impact at all.

Respondents also cited the main areas in which they hope to see some of the transformational benefits of their IoT efforts, including creating a better user and customer experience (64%), triggering innovation (56%), creating the working practices of new and more efficient business processes, (52%) and creating revenue streams through new products and services (50%). You can also check out smart IoT solutions at


As could be expected, security is the biggest concern, cited by about half of the respondents.

Increased exposure to the security of data/information – 50%

With the World Wide Web as an example, people today are very aware of the dangers inherent in the transmission of data between nodes on a network. With many of these organizations work with exclusive key operational data which could prove advantageous for competitors if exposed, the concern is very understandable.

ROI / make a business case – 43%

This is a classic part of not knowing what you don't know. Without an established example of how similar initiatives have impacted your organization in the past – or even how similarly sized and structured organizations have been impacted – it can be very difficult to demonstrate in a tangible way exactly how these efforts will impact the bottom line.

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