All You Need To Know About Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are very important for travelers and drivers. Located in prominent places on roads, signs provide useful information to road users. It also helps prevent road accidents and reduce the risk of driving.

We all know what the signs are for, but do we also know the different categories of signs? You can get more information about traffic lights and road traffic plan via

Road signs are classified into eight categories which are mentioned below:

(1) Warning signs

(2) Priority signs

(3) Prohibition or restriction signs

(4) Signs mandatory

(5) Special control panels

(6) Information, facility or service signs

(7) Direction, position or indication signs, and

(8) Additional signs

However, the category, location, and graphics standards for road signs and pavement markings are legally defined in the Federal Manual of Traffic Control Devices.

Historically, early signs were milestones and focused on direction rather than control of traffic flow. However, with the development of automobiles, it became necessary to introduce uniform traffic and other road signs to prevent road accidents.

One of the first modern road signaling systems was developed in 1895. In 1900, a congress of the International League of Tourism Organizations examined proposals to standardize signage. Between 1926 and 1949, intensive work on international road signs led to the development of the Road Signs System.