The Education and Development Department was established in 1988 and offers a centralized approach to multi-disciplinary education, raising the profile of education across the Trust and coordinating developments in clinical practice.

The Directorate is responsible for identifying training and development needs, planning provision of appropriate courses and purchasing education from other providers as required. The multi-professional approach means that a range of programs is available to meet the needs of all support staff, nurses, allied health care professionals, and medical staff. This includes health care staff in training and those who are qualified.

We have developed an overall framework for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to support the delivery of high-quality care and clinical governance, and the Directorate has been involved in organizing an increasing number of study days and conferences both on and off site.

A team leadership and management program has started for non-medical team leaders and an increasing number of courses are being brought on site so that they can be delivered at the time and place that is most suitable for Papworth staff.

Links with the Clinical School in the University of Cambridge have increased and there is a new medical student timetable. Standards set by the Post Graduate Dean are monitored and every effort is made to ensure that these standards and those set by the Schools of Nursing and Physiotherapy are met.

Mentors and supervisors receive training on a regular basis, and equipment and educational resources across the Trust are maintained at an appropriately high standard.

All staff receives an induction program and regular updates on the fire, basic life support, and manual handling techniques and every department receive a prospectus of training events each year.

In October 2001 the Trust was acknowledged as an Investor in People organization.