How to Stop Your Child from Sucking Thumb

Various methods can be tried by parents to stop this habit. Some of them are –

1. Peer pressure:

If a child is past the age of thumb-sucking, but do not let go, it will attract the attention of relatives and friends. They will make fun of him and refused to play with him called him a baby. No child likes made fun of and will release the thumb sucking. You can also purchase thumb sucking devices for thumb sucking deterrence among children.

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2. Stay calm:

Many times, as parents we get angry and yell at our children while telling him to remove his finger from the mouth immediately. We were getting worried that he might be infected by the bacteria in her fingers.

3. Create a diversion:

Every time a child has the urge to put his finger in the mouth, we as parents can divert it to involve him in some activities such as storytelling, coloring, playing games, etc. This will make the switch, and the child will forget about thumb sucking.

4. Identify triggers:

Identify the triggers that cause the child from sucking her thumb. Triggers can be new people, places or noise. Parents can make children ready to face unfamiliar with counseling.

6. Have a conversation:

Have a short conversation with your child about how their teeth will get spoiled or she will get an infection from germs if he sucks his thumb. Also, give an example of his friends and cousins who do not keep the fingers in the mouth.