Questions to Ask Executive Search Company

When hiring an executive search firm everyone is always focused on the background and experience of the recruiter. While this is an important topic many people overlook some basic questions that can reveal potential problems. To learn more information about the executive search company you may check here

Questions to Ask Executive Search Company

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Here are five areas that you should look for when deciding on which executive search firm is right for your organization.

First, ask about how companies reach potential applicants. The executive search firm should be able to explain how they attract diverse but highly qualified applicants. Look for a company that says that they exploit the latest technological advantage in the job search industry.

Second, ask about how the applicant company? Be on the lookout for companies that only resumes and conduct interviews. The executive search process has involved and included quantitative assessment and extensive reference checks.

Third, ask about how the company has integrated technology into its search process. A red flag is a search process that requires applicants to send their materials via email to a recruiter who then prints materials and review them by hand.

Fourth, ask about previous clients. This sounds counterintuitive, but if executive search firms provide you with a list of previous candidates beware. For some, this is cherry-picking the candidate list which will give glowing reviews based on their relationship with the search firm or prepared to receive a never-ending phone call from potential clients in the future.

Most organizations, prepare to be discreet about their relationship with the executive search firm because they do not want investors, donors or other interested parties to know about the search for political or financial reasons.