Reclosable Poly Bags and Why They Are Not All the Same?

Many people feel that a reclosable poly bag is a reclosable poly bag so why bother comparing, shop for the lowest price and get your bags. Both will help in transportation but when comparing they are very different.

The first thing to know when purchasing reclosable poly bags is the thickness, measured in terms of mils. A standard reclosable poly bag is two mils. One mil is very light and rarely found in reclosable.

Three mils are heavy and four to six mils are obviously heavier. Never purchase a heavier mil than you need. Not just because of price, which rises drastically with thickness, but because of clarity. Reclosable bags are also used for cash. You can easily get bank deposit bags online.

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If you are putting your products into it, 98% of the time the two mils is fine. Cloudier bags detract from your product, this is especially important if you are reselling products packed in reclosable bags.

When purchasing reclosable bags make sure that the company supplying these are selling a true two mil or whatever size mil you are looking for. In this industry, it is common practice to cheat on the thickness. Many times companies sell 1.7 or 1.8 mils and advertise them as 2 mils.

When they do that you not only end up with a thinner bag, but they have cheated you out of 10% to 15% of your purchase price. Of course, it's difficult to determine the exact mil unless you have a micrometer.