Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Intervention in NJ – What Really Happens?

Through intervention, the addict is given the opportunity to enter treatment that could be life-saving.

Intervention is usually undertaken because the family is tired of watching a loved one destroy her or himself. The drug or alcohol addicted person is often the last one to know her or his condition. 

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Addicts actually believe their own lies — that's the delusional nature of drug and alcohol addiction. There are the same negative consequences in all areas of their lives.

Most often the families bring in the interventionist as a last resort. They've tried everything else from giving the addicted person money to imposing restrictions to hiring him or her in the family business, to letting him or her life in the basement, etc. These are enabling behaviors and do nothing to help the addict.

The actual intervention is the result of extensive planning. The first step is to find when a bed will be available at a drug addiction treatment center. Those who will be involved in the intervention are sent details of the process to make sure they are all "on the same page." A two-hour pre-planning meeting is set up with all participants (except the addict) in attendance. This involves education about addiction and an explanation of what happens in treatment.