Effective Anti-Aging Solution

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Hormone balance is considered helpful in proper bodily functions that are vital to regulating and repairing skin.

There are many types of hormones produced by the body, and when the production of these hormones begins to decline, the body experiences many changes, including fat accumulation, decreased libido, immune system suppression, loss of muscle mass, bone density, and mental clarity.

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Human Growth Hormone has been championed as a 'master' hormone that controls many bodily functions, and there are many claims that HGH injections slow down the aging process.

However, it has also been shown that HGH injections can cause many other problems, including making diabetes in the body.

This is a controversial area that is still being investigated, but there is always a danger associated with taking animal hormones into the body.

Another method of anti-aging treatment is to practice calorie restriction. This means eating far fewer calories and reaching 15% to 20% less weight than your natural 'set point' weight.

Obesity puts a lot of pressure on the body, and few overweight people reach longevity. Unfortunately, obesity has become an epidemic in developed countries, which means that only a few people want to try calorie restriction as a means of achieving healthy aging.