Responsibilities of a Field Service Engineer

Many mechanical engineering employers will ask for at least two years of experience in the industry, but it varies depending on the company. Field service engineers have to spend their time reviewing the design and process of machines and provide suggestions for improvement and refinement of them.

Field Service engineers also have to set up a new system from scratch and take them through to the final stage. These include monitoring progress along the way and a design that shows signs of weakness or damage.

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However, some employers will ask for very specific skills and in order to prepare you for this some of them are listed below:

• Fire Protection Industrial knowledge.

• Handling material.

• Equipment sizing.

• Equipment designing.

• Test the reliability of the product.

• Mathematical Modeling and Computer-Aided Design.

• Develop product specifications.

• Testing of mechanical engineering theory.

• Explaining how to solve complex problems to other team members and clients.

• Project management.

• Train up other mechanical engineers.

• Development of new materials and technologies.

If you are thinking of becoming a field service engineer then you will need to get some qualifications and get yourself some solid experience.