Fire Suppression Systems – Different Types And Their Benefits

Fire is one of the most common hazards in schools and residential buildings. This caused great chaos to life and property. The most effective way to deal with the fire is to have a Fire Suppression System installed in your building. Fire suppression systems all created differently. You can also get the best installation services of fire suppression system by browsing to

This system basically consists of two instruments fire protection and fire detection that assist people in dealing with both the before and after effects of fire. Therefore, in terms of preventing or minimizing damage to the fire, it has the best system of fire suppression that can make a big difference.

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There are many different types of systems of oppression that are available and you can choose one or a combination of several systems to keep your business and employees are safe at the time of the fire. This system mainly includes the following types:

Fire Alarm

A very reliable instrument that raises the alarm in case of fire. Once the fire is detected by the built-in fire detector, the alarm sounds like a warning to evacuate the building.

Gas Suppression Systems

Gas suppression systems generally consist of a wide variety of tools to suppress the fire. Two main categories are suppression systems Inert Gas and Chemical suppression systems.

Inert Gas Fire Suppression: inert gas such as Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide and used to reduce the oxygen content in a room below 15% so that the fire cannot survive. They help maintain optimum oxygen levels in humans and animals to survive but not enough for the fire to spread.

Chemical Fire Suppression: They put out the fire, especially through the use of chemicals such as Novec 1230 and FM200. This method of suppression is safe for use in most areas and circumstances.