The Long Term Benefits of Psychotherapy

In essence, psychotherapy is learning personal history lessons so that we have increased freedom to shape our lives. Skilled therapists are teachers and problem solvers in the domain of emotions and relationships. This is a very powerful domain, but always there so it is often in the background of consciousness, such as a blue sky or a dark night.

We all live in a complex network of relationships. Growing up in our family, we learned useful lessons, positive lessons and also negative lessons that didn't help. Every family story has a theme handed down from generation to generation. If you want to know more about Psychotherapy, then you can also visit

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Some of these themes are very positive, "work hard and do your best", "don't lie", "treat others as you want them to treat you." However, there are also themes that are unhappy and painful, "kill the pain with drinks or drugs", "it's okay to vent your anger on others", "don't tell anyone if you are treated badly. or harassed. "

Each of us enters adulthood with a diverse set of positive and negative themes and we try our best to get along in the world. We are only partially aware of negative themes and are often mistaken when negative themes are played out in our lives.

We play negative themes and end up making bad decisions or we hurt someone we love or we beat ourselves up. Painful problems that bring clients to therapy are very valuable because they are expressions, examples of problematic patterns that are out of consciousness.

Looking for therapy is a great opportunity to bring negative themes into consciousness, to put them into words and see them in action. A skilled therapist is trained to be an active listener and able to arrange pieces of the puzzle.