An Overview Of Scoliosis

About 2% of people are affected by scoliosis which is a deformation of the spine that causes the straight spine to usually bend. This often happens in families but often the cause is unknown.

It often develops before puberty and is unknown because it usually does not cause pain in adolescents. In adults, this is caused by a worsening of the juvenile curve or possibly from degenerative spinal diseases such as kyphosis, osteoporosis, or degenerative disc disease. If you are looking for scoliosis treatment then check

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Pain is the biggest problem with adult scoliosis. Scoliosis can limit normal spinal movements and also cause pain and even cause difficulty in breathing in severe cases due to abnormal rib pressure from curves or severe kyphosis which compresses the lungs and does not allow normal lung expansion. This happens in extreme cases but can also compress a person's stomach and prevent the ability to eat properly.

Signs of scoliosis include uneven shoulder height, shoulder blades, uneven waist, or high hips. Most people with scoliosis statistically never need treatment.

In cases of significant exacerbations, surgery can correct abnormal curves and stabilize them in addition to relieving pain. In children, this is more due to cosmetic reasons because scoliosis is usually not painful. In adults, it is the same for pain relief due to arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and experienced spinal stenosis.