Best Ways to Keep Turf Green and Healthy

Maintaining your yard and the fertile area that you have worked so hard to grow can prove to be a daunting task if attention is not given to trivial matters such as water and cutting grass. The first and foremost thing you must remember is the schedule.

You cannot water or fertilize your grass randomly and intermittently. Each task is very important for the health of your yard and lush green grass is realized only if everything is taken care of properly. Rolled lawn prices are highly durable and non-allergen so you can be rest assured that your children and pets can enjoy themselves while playing.

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The most common problem that arises despite having attracted attention to it is proper watering. Whether it's too little or too much water, both of them will make your yard completely unhealthy. Lush greens on the golf course can also be replicated provided you follow the right watering schedule.

Healthy grass requires about 4-5 centimeters of water every week. Use gauges to accurately water your pages. Overwatering the grass only causes it to turn brown and make it vulnerable to infection.

Use the right fertilizer mixture. This again is very important and should not be overdone. Soil also supplies nutrients to your grass, but excessive fertilizer will make everything a disaster.

Make sure you follow the instructions correctly. The best way to fertilize your yard is to use organic compost that you can easily prepare using organic waste produced in your home.

When you cut or cut grass, make sure you don't cut it too short. A common mistake made by most people is to cut long and deep into the grass. Remember to never cut more than one-third of the length of the grass at once. You can make more than one spin with your lawnmower. This ensures uniform growth which is essential for a green end result.

Easy Steps to Lay Lawn Turf

It is advisable to lay a lawn during autumn or early spring when the amount of rain is significantly higher. Moisture is very important because it will help the grass form strong, long-lasting roots that will help survive the harsh winter months.

The first thing you need to do is prepare the area where you plan to put the lawn properly – remove all debris and stones before leveling the ground, then tighten the surface carefully.

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You can do this with your feet or with a special tool – it is very important to put the grass on the surface of the ground that is hard, flat and smooth that has good drainage, otherwise, the seeds tend to rot in time.

It is strongly recommended to use soil fertilizers or special pre-grass fertilizers to make the soil more friendly for the new yard. Fertilizers will not only help the seeds form roots faster but will also increase the number of nutrients found in the soil.

After preparing the ground, the next step is to put turves on flat ground – don't worry about cutting the grass to make it even at both ends, just put it down and you will deal with aesthetics afterward.

Now that you have put the grass, the next step is to remove the excess – you can easily do it with a sharp cutter or knife. Just cut the excess grass and make sure it hits the ground before you water it, otherwise the seeds won't form the roots.

How to Buy Beautiful Lawn Turf

Putting grass is not as difficult as you think. If you follow this 'how to do' quick guide, hopefully you will not experience problems.

1) Choose your moment

It is best to put a new yard in the middle of autumn, although it can be done anytime until the end of winter, as long as the soil is not too frozen or wet.

At that time of year, grass grows relatively slowly, so you can give time to build before you have to cut it. Contact the best suppliers of turf in Sydney to get the best results.

Every time you place your yard, do watering if there is a long dry period. Even though in theory this is more likely in the summer, recent experience shows that dry weather is possible at any time of the year! If you leave your new page too dry, it might not be rooted properly, which will give you a problem later on.

2) Prepare the soil carefully

Even though planting grass is easier than sowing seeds, you still need to prepare the soil with sufficient precision. Clean all weeds from the area, especially perennial weeds such as sofa grass.

You might want to use Weedkiller to make sure you get rid of it, even though you have to buy one that won't be left on the ground, because this will also kill your page.