Various Types of Book Binding Services

Getting novels, textbooks, cookbooks, or any writing that you publish is truly exciting. But there are still steps between selling the work and seeing it on the shelf. Your book must be tied together in several ways. There are many ways to tie different books, more than most people realize.

For hardcover books, there are three different ways to tie a book. The first is over sewing, where loose pages are clamped together and small holes are punched through the left edge and sewn together with stitches.

This is one of your strongest ways to tie a book, but binding a book like this won't let the page unfold when it's open. If you are searching for spiral bound books services online then you can check out

Ever notice how that happened with textbooks at school? That's because they are often bound by over sewing, which is why they last for years.

Sewing through folds is another option, where the pages are folded and sewn literally. Then the edges are usually glued to the spine which allows the yard to open and remain flat. But glue doesn't always hold up well, especially after excessive wear.

Double fan adhesive is the last choice if you want a hardcover binding book. Loose pages are first glued together, then affixed to the fabric layer, then attached to the hardcover. This is an easy and often affordable way to tie books but is probably the thinnest choice of the three.

There are three other main binding categories that you can choose for your bookbinding service. Punch and bind is the act of punching paper and binding it together with a kind of wire material.

There are several types of binding in this category, but what we all see is the spiral binding for spiral notebooks, where holes are perforated and the wire is wrapped around the pages.