The FAQs of Growing Herbs in Pots

Q: What pot size do I need?

A: One big enough to fit the plant. This might seem like an overly simplistic answer. Keep in mind, when I say big enough I'm talking about the roots not the plant itself. To know more about the fabric grow containers, you can browse the web. 

If you start from seed, you have to boil it again every time you feel you are attached to the root (see the next question for details). However, if you are buying plants from a nursery, you should immediately increase them to a bigger pot and repeat this process at the beginning of each year.

Q: How do I know if the plant is bound with roots?

A: One of the most prominent signs of a fairy tale is if the roots look out through a sinkhole. If you see this, you know you need to boil it back as soon as possible.

Other signs include needing water more often than usual and stunted plant growth. If you suspect your plants are bound to roots, remove them from the pot, separate the roots slightly, and re-pot them to a larger pot. 

Q: What type of soil should I use?

A: High-grade potting soil. Normal soil will not work: too dense for pots. The problem is that the pot walls block the flow of air and prevent drainage thereby reducing the oxygen available to the roots.

Without oxygen it is very easy for all types of bacteria to accumulate and cause root rot. Good potting soil is light with the correct mixture of topsoil, organic matter, and abrasive material (such as sand or pearlite) to help prevent it from being cut down.