Why Are Horse Supplements Important In The Modern Equine Diet?

One of the first questions I can think of is why supplements are important for a horse in modern equine diets.

If you go back in time a hundred years, horses live in large areas of grasslands with a rich combination of grasses, herbs and other useful plants that gives them a rich source of nutrients.

Today, most horses are confined in a small area, many of which have no access to grazing and are covered with grass, hay and leguminous seeds. To buy horse supplements, you may check this website out.

In addition to this, due to intensive agricultural practices, the soil has been depleted as the key to many nutrients, significantly changes the nutritional profile of the hay, which makes horse owners look for alternatives to keep their horses in the beak.

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This dynamic growth in improved cereal products, vitamins and minerals are, in general, too low profile to meet the nutritional needs of horses.

More importantly, these integral products should not be consumed in excess because they are not the only solution to the lack of nutrients in the diet.

Meet the nutritional needs of your horse .. Do not risk their diet.

The problem with the use of excessive cereal grains as the only way to complete the horse's diet is that the horse's digestive system is not designed for details of many cereal grains.

Now we see more cases of colic gas, in particular, they reached epidemic proportions of partially digested starch entering the large intestine. It is rare to see a case of colic in horses that graze on the grass.