Why Do Some Teeth Need Root Canal Treatment

Sometimes the soft tissue inside a tooth gets infected. Because this tissue contains many nerves, this infection or  inflammation causes pain which can sometimes be very severe, especially if the infection turns into a complete abscess. 

If you are looking for more information about root canal dentists in Boston check this out. The main causes of inflammation or infection of the root canals are:

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  • Putrefaction
  • Dental trauma – can be in the form of accidents or sports injuries, or even from cavities and fillings that have been repeated over the years.
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Missing stuffing

If the inside of the tooth is infected, the dentist will need to diagnose the cause of the problem and determine how far it affects the tooth. In many cases, treatments such as patches, soothing bandages, or even crowns can heal inflammation or infection.

However, sometimes the inflammation or infection of the root canals is too severe or widespread for effective treatment. In this case, the tooth is diagnosed with inflammation or infection that cannot be cured and there are only two treatment options available to relieve the source of the patient's pain:

  • The whole tooth has to be extracted: this process is called extraction.
  • The entire contents of the root canal system of the tooth must be extracted, which is of course a "root canal treatment".


"Root canal treatment" is the process of removing the affected tissue from the root canal of a tooth and the subsequent cleaning and disinfection of the root canal and finally filling the remaining cavities in the crown and roots. Teeth need additional care to attach the final filling or crown.